As a neurodivergent consultant clinical psychologist, I endeavour to avoid bringing neurotypical norms into the clinic. We have enough of those in the world at large. 

Instead, I focus on affirming neurodivergent identities and modifying psychotherapy techniques to suit, depending on the unique profile of challenges and strengths that each client brings. 

I have been lucky enough to learn from neurodivergent clients over the last twenty years, including autistic patients, ADHDers, those with PDA, dyslexia and dyspraxia. I also believe neurodiversity can be a brilliant paradigm through which to locate long-term psychosocial disability.

I believe it's crucial to acknowledge and mourn the losses associated with being misunderstood, particularly for individuals who receive a late diagnosis. At the same time, I encourage my clients to celebrate and protect what makes them unique. I firmly believe that it's possible to adapt therapeutic techniques to support clients, very much including for those with complex trauma.