I write regularly for the national press including bylines in The Guardian, The Times and The Independent.

Sample articles in the broadsheets include:

  • 'Is mental illness real?'
  • 'It's time to talk about suicide and middle-aged men'
  • 'Why do people self-harm?'
  • 'The psychological tricks women use to cope with harassment'
  • 'Gas-lighting': Very real, little understood'
  • 'Have I got depression?'

I am interviewed regularly for print media with publications as diverse as Grazia,  VICE, The Telegraph,  The Sun and The Guardian.


I  was one of the first psychologists to  theorise, write and debate about how social media might alter mindstates within and outside the clinic. I have a large twitter following, and consistently come out as a top mental health influencer in polls. 

You can watch me talking about the effects of technology here, read a newspaper article here

or one of my academic chapters here.


I have significant experience on TV and the radio.

Sample appearances include:

  • Newsnight on 'Digital Narcissism'
  • Sky News on  'Adolescence'
  • Channel Four on 'Appearance'
  • ArtAngel on 'Psychoanalytic Caves'
  • Late Night Women's Hour on 'Anxiety'

I have consulted to several top broadcasting production companies on series design.  I have had media training, and am regularly called on by British Psychological Society for comment.