Deconstructing BPD

I passionately believe in finding new, compassionate ways to talk about acute and chronic suffering, especially for those of us who are or have been chronically suicidal or whose symptoms society finds uncomfortable. My focus is on understanding and supporting individuals in pain, rather than resorting to outdated and harmful labels, and ensuring diagnostic rights are available in a more validating way for those who want or need them. I have had the fortune of campaigning for this issue both nationally and internationally.

As a few people have asked me to put my activism in one place to make it more accessible, here is some of my work:


Why Autism is misdiagnosed as BPD: Discover why BPD is often a misdiagnosis for complex trauma or autism, especially in women. Join the conversation with Mollie and me, and read the enlightening journal article. Read here.

Against Trans Individuals being Misdiagnosed as having a PD: Letter response on a piece character slurring trans folk via the BPD construct. Read here.

Splitting Complex PTSD and BPD: How the new diagnosis of cPTSD may reproduce a misogynistic deserving and undeserving victim dichotomy: Read here.

Understanding Personality 

What is Personality: Discusses the complexities of personality and identity formation. We explore habitual paths of behavior, the transgenerational nature of identity and how personality gets misrecognized. Watch the interview here.

Questioning the Construct Validity of BPD

Lancet Psychiatry ICD-11 article: Article exploring the problems with BPD's scientific reliability and validity, encaging survivors in a diagnostic construct even nosologists don't believe in. Read here.

Open Letter to Change ICD-11: Alongside hundreds of survivors, professionals, carers, and allies, we demand better approaches than the damaging BPD label. Read here. 

Iatrogenic Harm and BPD

BPD and Invalidation: How the construct devastingly affects patients in our inpatient wards. Read here.

How the BPD construct enables unacceptabe attiudes: Podcast with the american mental health network. Listen here.

BPD and Feminism

BPD as a misogynistic slur: Article on how BPD reflects a highly gendered trope that is used against predominantly women and the Queer community. Read here.

BPD as a mask of AFAB autism: Podcast on autism, borserline personality disorder and being a trauma survivor with Mollie on 'Back from the Borderline'. Listen here.

Is BPD a feminist issue? Podcast with the wonderful Mental Elf. Listen here.

BPD and Epistemic injustice

Testimonial Injustice And Borderline Personality Disorder: BPD is often a damaging construct because it deflates testimonial credibility meaning suicidal ideation etc is taken less seriously. Read here.

Beyond Character Assassination: A video for the pivotal conference in changing thinking about BPD. Watch here.

Challenging Staff Attitudes

Changing the Story Around BPD: How BPD masks more affirmative explanations. Read here.

Activism Against the BPD Construct:How psychotherapists can reframe severe distress and get involved in building better. Read here.

The 'Personality Disorder' Shield: I discuss how the concept of 'personality' is often misused by healthcare staff, family, and partners to deny the existence of trauma. Read here.

My work in this field is deeply influenced and guided by the survivor movement, particularly the #TraumaNotPD, #AutismNotPD, and #ADHDNotPD communities. For more insights into our collective activism and its impact, I encourage exploring these hashtags on social media.